M-Akiba is a Government of Kenya issued retail bond that seeks to enhance financial inclusion for economic development. Money raised from issuance of M-Akiba shall be dedicated to infrastructural development projects, both new and on-going.

Save Money

M-Akiba is making savings more convenient and easier by providing you with a unique opportunity to save money through your mobile phone while at the same time earning very attractive interest rates from the Government.

Make Money

More ideas for your money. With M-Akiba, you can now participate in trading of government’s retail bond and make money. Buy and sell Government securities in primary market.

Build Kenya

M-Akiba bond means that infrastructural and developmental projects can be executed at lower costs because the cost of funding for these projects will decline. By investing in M-Akiba bond, you will be building Kenya


The purpose of floating the M-Akiba bond is to finance Government development expenditure / budgetary support. Tenure of the bond is 3 years with a target of Kshs. 150 million.


It’s a Mobile Traded Bond – all activities relating to registration, trading, settlement will be via mobile platform. By dialing USSD code *889#. Maximum investment per account / per day – Kshs. 140,000.

Minimum Investment

Initial minimum investment amount per account is Kshs. 3,000. The M-Akiba bond is guaranteed by the Government of Kenya.


The coupon shall be paid directly to the phone automatically on the maturity dates. This will be the case even in instances where the coupon to be paid exceeds the Kshs. 140,000 daily limit. The M-Akiba bond is tax-free. Interest rate of the bond is 10% per annum but will be payable semi-annually after every 6 months.


M-Akiba is making it easy for you. All transactions are through a mobile phone at the convenience of the investor.

Low Investment Capital

A minimum investment capital of Kshs. 3000

Good Returns

The M-Akiba as a savings product is offering attractive returns, higher returns than peer financial savings product.

Save Money. Make Money. Build Kenya

M-Akiba will be open for buying from the 30th of June 2017 for a period of three weeks. The bond can only be bought by individual users registered on mobile money platforms of Safaricom and Airtel. The Government shall issue subsequent M-Akiba bonds on a regular basis.